Friday, September 25, 2009

Fried Pita Chips--Marcie Francis

Our favorite middle-Eastern restaurant in town, Falafel's, serves great fried pita wedges with their "Taste of Jerusalem" sampler platter. The following recipe is my husband Jason's best approximation at recreating Falafel's recipe:

1 package pita bread
olive oil
caraway seed or other favorite spice (optional)

Carefully split each pitas to form two circles. Heat a scant teaspoon of oil in a skillet (I used cast iron) over med high heat until the oil starts to smoke. (Be sure your kitchen is well-ventilated!) When the skillet is nice and hot, throw a pita in, "inside face" down. Check on it after a minute or two. It should get a little blackened. Flip over, and give the "outside face" a minute or two to char up. Remove from heat and drizzle a little more oil on the "inside face." (and sprinkle a little more oil on the skillet before frying next one.) Cut pitas into desired number of wedges. Sprinkle with caraway seed, if desired.

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